What is True Hunters?

True Hunters is a web based serious game that aims to inform and sensitize teenagers aged 14 to 16 on Intellectual Property (IP) and its related issues, highlighting the value of authentic and original products and showing counterfeiting and piracy risks in daily life.


Project objectives

Counterfeiting, piracy and IP right infringement are issues which impact on citizens’ everyday lives. The scope of the problem has reached new dimensions and facets with the advent of the new information and communication technologies. Despite that, citizens’ level of awareness about the direct impact of the IP’s infringements on their lives seems to be still low. True Hunters game has both educational and social purposes and aims at:

raising a new awareness towards the value of intellectual property;

increasing and spreading knowledge about its several components (for example industrial property rights, copyright, etc.);

– letting the citizens understand the real impact of its infringement on daily life and how they’re directly involved in this issues.



The project plan includes the following activities:

WP1 – Project Management

The project applicant will manage this phase and perform an accurate control of all project activities. The project manager will keep constantly under monitor the project implementation according to the provisions of the Activity Plan, and will meet the entire work team in order to verify the quality of produced outputs and to define next deadlines.

WP2 – Preparatory activities

The aim of this first phase is to evaluate the targets’ knowledge and awareness about the subject matters and their learning needs, in order to define the topics of interest related to IP and counterfeiting field to translate in functional contents to develop the serious game’s narrative structure.

WP3 – Executive activities: design and development of the serious game

This phase includes all the activities related to the design and the development of the serious game. Depending on the target’s needs and on the contents identified in the preparatory phase, the most suitable game structure will be designed. The design phase will produce the outputs required for the development of the serious game and its technical implementation.

WP4 – Target sensitization and involvement

A phase of the project foresees the direct involvement of the targets. In fact a group of students will play True Hunters serious game during the testing phase, providing the first useful feedbacks on the product and its strengths and weakness. Moreover, to facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge they will be directly involved in a challenge that foresees the production of new contents to integrate in the game itself.

WP5 – Dissemination activities

The communication phase is transversal and is aimed at promoting the objectives and main topics that characterize the project. The main activities of this phase are:

the creation on the project logo and the visual identity;

the development of a website both in Italian and in English language;

the creation and a management of a Facebook page.